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We are athletes. We are families. We are neighbors. And we are passionate about the benefits of massage. Massage is not just a luxury,  it is a necessity. We are passionate about our work and giving our guests superior services with a wide range of knowledge specializing in various techniques.

Our Team

Beth Pawlowski

Licensed Massage Therapist

Beth grew up in Petoskey, MI. with 3 sisters and 1 brother and loves being active, playing sports, learning new skills and spending time with family. Beth has 2 beautiful boys (Saul and Huron) who are her pride and joy.

Beth attended the Everest Institute Grand Rapids, MI. class of 2010 and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

“I have always felt like I was a “Healer” and the body has always been a huge interest to me ever sense I was a little girl. I always thought I’d be a doctor but when the time came to decided on a college to go to it never felt right. I choose to go to a trade school just to do something…and ended up falling in love with massage therapy. I honestly can not imagine doing anything else with my life.  ” Beth

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